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emotion + analytics

Powerful Copywriting for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Yes!! Let's Work Together

Unstoppable Attraction Marketing

Copy is powerful. The ability to disrupt your prospects, stop them in their tracks and make them listen.

Everyone talks about conversions...about getting people to BUY.

But the relationship starts with that initial meeting, that first "hello". So hi, I'm Dayana! Emotion and analytics is what I’m all about. Intuitive knowing and competitive advantage. Deep insights and geeky metrics.

That’s what it takes to form a strong bond between THEM and you. And let me tell you, this is work. You CAN’T do it alone. (You need my help.)

I'm In Agreement. Let's Do This!
Dayana Stockdale

  • Strategic content build-out
  • Words ready to sell
  • Continuous optimization

Get the Copy That Actually Makes a Difference

SEO Web Copy

Refresh your website with copy that best positions your brand

Email Marketing

Keep the connection with new customers and drive repeat sales

Attractive Content

Incite desire and grow your audience with the content they really want

Dayana is the person you want on your team

She helped us jump start our effort on case studies and highlighting our work for our customers. She “gets” things very quickly, reads in between lines. I have high regards for her intuition and inquisitiveness. She is highly professional and presented herself very well in front of our customers (whom she had to interview). To top all of this, her writing skills are top notch (simple, to the point, clear to read) and her working vision with the graphic designer was excellent. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the first 2 case studies completed and couple more on the way.

Raj Batchu